Meet our Instructors

Jessica Keefe

Jess is a lifetime fitness fanatic and avid outdoor enthusiast, as well as part owner of The Suite Studio. Her idea of “fun” typically includes lots of burpees and deadlifts and if you have taken her classes you know her love for fitness and exercise is bound to rub off on you.  She’s a NASM certified personal trainer with specializations in Women’s and Youth fitness.  She has an in-depth knowledge of human movement and exercise physiology and uses that to create safe, fun, and super effective classes and personal training sessions. Jess is also certified to teach a variety of other formats including Insanity and PiYo (of course trained by Master trainer Jackie). Jess recently added a Barre certification from the Barre Guild Academy this year, and no surprise to the Barre enthusiasts out there; it is quickly becoming one of her favorite practices.

When Jess isn’t having fun with fitness you can find her somewhere outside with her husband and three kids either in a kayak, on the slopes, or climbing a mountain. 

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Charlene Chandler

Charlene is a 500hr Yoga Teacher certified in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Trapeze®, Clinical/Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Barre, PiYo, and Reiki Master. Trained in Balanced Athlete and Mindfulness/ Meditation.

Dabbler in essential oils.

She focuses on energy, breath, body integration, movement, and stillness to heal, strengthen, and invite a wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.

Photograph by Tracy Rodriguez Photography.

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Robyn Paglucia

After dealing with an injury that forced her to perform lower intensity workouts, Robyn tried this trendy new class called Barre. After taking classes consistently for a year, she fell in love with the way it made her feel -- so much, that she wanted to share it with others. She loves the strength it provides without adding any crazy cardio/weights, and there is always a way to challenge yourself without hurting yourself. After a few years teaching, she wanted more, so took on Pilates training. The hybrid of both Pilates and Barre is such a fantastic workout, and she is lucky to have found a special community in Suite that allows her to share her passion. One of her favorite things to do for class is create fun playlists, so song recommendations are highly encouraged! Robyn is CPR certified, barre certification by Rasamaya, and Pilates by Balanced Body.

Lisa Glover

Lisa is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, also holding certifications in PiYo, Barre Above, AFAA Practical Pilates, and Self-Myofascial Release.  She understands that as women, our lives can get hectic and we often don’t prioritize our own self-care.  Lisa knows how important it is to find a workout that you love in a supportive environment to stick with it.  She cares about making sure every person feels successful, confident and strong as well as having fun in class.  

Fitness Philosophy:  Lisa’s philosophy on fitness and health is that they should enhance your life but not be restrictive. You should want to make the choices that help you live your best life because you know how amazing you feel, but you also need to leave room to enjoy wine and pasta.   And most importantly, you should never beat yourself up for the choices you make.  Every day is an opportunity to start fresh.

Best advice: Start where you are.


Rachel Hunt

Rachel began practicing yoga in college as a way to balance out her active lifestyle. Amazed by the benefits that yoga had on both her body and mind she continued on to become a 200 hour registered yoga teacher in 2011. When she moved to Dover in 2015 and began teaching yoga at The Suite Studio and soon was training to teach Barre. She is also a registered prenatal yoga teacher and loves working with moms.  Her classes are open to all levels and focus on strength, balance, mobility, and breath.

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Nicole Bennett

Nicole holds a special place in her heart for fitness and encourages everyone she trains that working out can be something to look forward to instead of a burden! She is certified to teach PiYo as well as Pound. She is in the process of achieving her personal training certificate through NASM and runs a social media account that promotes fitness. Nicole is full of energy and is ready to share her knowledge with everyone she meets.

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Jackie Garnett

Jackie is one of the owners of the Suite. She has been in the fitness industry for over a decade as a certified personal trainer and AFAA group exercise instructor. She was PiYo Master Trainer of the Year in 2019, helping many amazing PiYo instructors throughout New England and beyond grow their own incredible communities. She is now a Club Pro for the Choreography Club, certifying instructors to teach the hot new fitness format, SOULfusion. By day Jackie is an educational consultant and legging slinger, running a virtual activewear boutique. She lives in Dover with her husband and lovingly crazy 7-year-old son.

Read more about all of Jackie's ventures at 

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