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About Us

Meet Jess + Jackie

The masterminds behind the Suite Studio.

Both Sagittariuses , these two are definitely fire signs, born with a drive to achieve big things, but always balancing each other out as the ying to the other's yang.

Jess is the backbone to the Suite, at the studio EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. working tirelessly to make sure our members are getting the best experience possible. She has a passion for making fitness fun and accessible to ALL, no matter your ability level, age, gender, size, background, hair color, or taste in music. Jess is incredible at meeting our members where they're at. She is our head personal trainer and she loves working 1:1 with our clients, getting to know everything about them.

When you see Jackie in the studio, she will be moving to the beat. She loves her fitness choreographed with a little bit of shimmying. Doing more of the behind-the-scenes work, Jackie's hands are in social media, newsletters, and the website (hey, hey, hey). She has a mission to share her story of depression and anxiety with anyone who will listen, shining light on mental health in an effort to erase the sigma. She is also passionate about body positivity and self-love, especially empowering women to live life authentically + unapologetically.

Jackie and Jess have lived here in Dover and Madbury (respectively), raising their kids and supporting their families for a combined 30+ years. There's a good chance you'll see the youngest members of their families (their two sons) running around the Suite. Invested in the people of this city in more ways than one, Jackie + Jess make the conscious effort to live, shop, play, and do business locally, supporting our tight community. They love partnering up with other local small businesses and feel very lucky to be part of a downtown run by so many women. 

Drop in to say "hi" in person any time! Or shoot them an email or DM to set up a time to chat/ connect. 

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